NEWS Anniversary Calendar ♥

I need an entry to remind myself since my memory not working well now haha XD


Koyama Keiichirou: May 1, 1984
Kato Shigeaki: July 11, 1987 (10:34pm)
Masuda Takahisa: July 4, 1986 (2:12am)
Tegoshi Yuya: November 11, 1987 (12:05am)

*Uchi Hiroki: September 10, 1986
*Kusano Hironori: February 15, 1988

*Yamashita Tomohisa: April 9, 1985 (10:01am)
*Nishikido Ryo: November 3, 1984 (~8:00am)

JE Entering day:

Koyama Keiichirou: January 21, 2001
Kato Shigeaki: April 17, 1999 (or 18/4 O_o)
Masuda Takahisa: November 18, 1998
Tegoshi Yuya: December 1st, 2002

*Uchi Hiroki: May 29, 1999
*Kusano Hironori: February 4, 2001

*Yamashita Tomohisa: August 31, 1996
*Nishikido Ryo: September 6, 1997

Debut days:

NEWS gathered day: September 15, 2003
NEWS first single (unofficial debut): November 7, 2003
NEWS official debut: May 12, 2004
NEWS re-unit debut: March 21,2007
NEWS comes back with 4 mem: April 15, 2012

TEGOMASS debut: Nov 15, 2006 (Swe) // Dec 20, 2006 (Jap)
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About adding me

Thanks for drawing those kawaii NEWS chibi xD

Because my friend list is going to be extended so I think I need to make this post :D

About me, you can read on sidebar <3

1) If you love NEWS/Tegomass I think we can get along well ^_^ (Especially if you love Yuya or Koyashige biased as me xDD. And sometime Tegomass biased too lol~)

2) Please comment to this post when add me ;__; Don't just say something like "I'm NEWS/Tegomass fan, add me" '__' I prefer knowing more about who add me, like your name, where you live, who's your ichiban in NEWS, the reason why you want to add me, ect. ect.. because I want to become friend with you ^.^

3) My LJ is not only for NEWS/Tegomass. Sometime I'll post other stuff that I like. Beside, I don't have much time to keep updating my LJ. But almost NEWS/Tegomass'  won't be friend-locked. So plz don't add me just because of that -'__'-

* For anyone who added me and got me added back, some of you I don't know, so plz let me know a little bit of you by dropping comment here ^.^ And I hope you don't mind if sometime I spam your f-page with my nonsense post xD

アイコトバ〜てを引いて〜 Ai Kotoba ~Te wo Hiite~ lyric

Lyric picture from @saopipipi51 (twitter)
Re-type, edited and romaji: me

【NEWS 東京ドーム 9/7】
NEWS / アイコトバ〜てを引いて〜

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- Te zutettettotte = Zutto. This is a popular way to create a secret code of Japanese. They will think about a word/sentence and put a nonsense character/word into it, make it sound weird/different meaning, just find and throw away the nonsense word then we get answer :D And in this case, it's "Te wo hiite" -> Take out Te, and we have "Zutto". The sentence in lyric is "Zutto Aitai yo, Zutto Aishiteru"
- "Ai Kotoba" title: First, ppl all tweeted about the title as "愛言葉" (Word of Love? Love Word?), and, just found out it could be "合言葉" (password?motto?) I personally think "合言葉" makes more sense than "愛言葉". However, it could be our boys want to make it in both way since the song is full of their love xD and kinda contain many code/quiz haha :)), so I put the title into katakana :D
Edited: As mina pointed out in comment, it would be "愛言葉" since NEWS want to express it as a love song :D

I really love this song that no word can express >///////////////////////////<

慶ちゃん - 28歳おめでとう ♥


As usual, I wish you all the best thing on your birthday ♥
And I wish for all of your wishes will be granted :"D
Then I still wish for Koyashige debut as last year LOL~ xD
After that, an Asian Tour for NEWS, okay? (≧ω≦)

Anyway, I want to say thank you
For keeping NEWS althou you know how different it would be with 4 ppl
For being new leader just for 3 other guys wallet purpose LOL~ But I know it has larger meaning than that <3
For every words you said to encourage us, your fan, NEWS fan
For every tiny action you do but prove that you always love NEWS, love all members and love us, the fan xD
For the upcoming work that we were waiting for so long time.
For making us feel happy and proud to be NEWS fan :)
And for every other things.... ♥

We all love you, Keichan ♥ So~ gambatte ne XD We always beside you and support you ♥

Finally, have a fun, interesting, and happy birthday ne ♪(´ε` )



Happy Birthday to you
I wish you always stay healthy and happy.
I wish you always success in your career also in what you want to do.
I wish you always have strength and energy to fight with all of obstacles, and together with 3 others, bring new NEWS success

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Thank you for always working hard and make your fans happy.
Thank you for deciding keep NEWS
Thank you for existing in my world.
I have never felt regret that I love you <3